Texan done run to Boston to go to art school



Had the challenge of working with text, which is neither my forté nor something I enjoy. I had just been having a really rough week in which my bike broke down, my hard drive crashed taking everything with it, my phone broke twice and I lost my job.

So I decided to channel it into some self portrait drawings with the dreaded text!


Portraits with Pen and Pencil

I have recently rediscovered graphite and begun using it with mixed media, using ink and or guache. Luna EmilyIMG_6413

The first is a portrait of a dear sister friend. I had a lot of fun working on water color paper with graphite and ink.

The second was for the wonderful Ball that the French Cultural Center put on, for their auction. Josephine Baker was truly an amazing and beautiful woman

Illustration to painting

The year has brought me from illustration to painting. My paintings are still very illustrative and tell stories, but I am moving a long to something that challenges me in a new way. Painting is a way to learn about how to truly let loose and be free. It is hard, but not in the suffocating way that illustration is hard.

Painting actually has really informed my drawings in a new way, and I think they have improved exponentially.

I am learning of the naturalistic and uncontrollable nature of paint and it is popping up in the lines of recent sketches and class projects.

Enraptured Music and Line

Illustration to Painting



Painting Class

Painting Class

We have a model in my painting class every week and this week I really wanted to play with color. Unfortunately I wasn’t paying attention and was working on un primed canvas, so it took twice as long and I didn’t finish. But I like the style I ended up with.

Chuck Close?

My watercolor teacher asked us to mimic Chuck Close which is awesome, except that he asked us to do it in the pixellated style and with watercolor. It was near to impossible, so I ended up with this odd tattoo-like portrait of my sister.

Sketches and watercolor

After becoming empassioned about oils, my water color class has somewhat failed to capture my attention. Nonetheless here are some lazy sketches and paintings from that class.

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Self Portrait

So here is a somewhat blurry picture of my most recent accomplishment. I was inspired by Jenny Saville’s use of colors within shadows.

Here is me toasting myself where you can see more of the vivid color

On my phone I have an app that makes kaleidoscope images, so I had more fun with my portrait making it even more artsy